Komatsu Forklift Safety Training


St. Louise Studios has a “€œnew”€ Komatsu forklift! It’€™s a fully refurbished 2005 3,000lb truck with 48″€ forks, and – get this – side shift *and* pneumatic tires. That’€™s right, we’€™ve moved into the 20th century…15 years later. Now that we have a new tool to play with we’€™re offering a Forklift Safety Instruction Class at St Louise Studios on Wednesday, February 24 from 1-4pm.

You can sign up here:

Class description from Komatsu:

The Komatsu driver training class is designed to meet General Industry Safety Order number 3664.1 of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (OSHA) which states “Only drivers authorized by the employer and trained in the safe operation of industrial trucks or tow tractors shall be permitted to operate such vehicles. Methods shall be devised to train operators in the safe operation of powered industrial trucks.
The class is approximately three hours in length and is custom designed to fit your applications and equipment. Included in the curriculum are an introduction, lecture, walk around with hands on instruction, discussion and a written test.
All who pass the course are given an 8″x10″€ certificate and wallet-sized certification card. Their tests are kept on file at the Komatsu Oakland location should you ever require a copy.